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Crazy Harold, from Box-In, (I think I first saw a human graphic figure like him on the Odyssey game consol), reappears in this game, which is actually three distinct mini-games in a series.  I liked the way the outer gunnies made you split your attention between the central action, and the peripheral danger.

First Room Intro

Ice Cube Room

Second Room Intro

Acid Pond Romm

Eccentric zillionaire "Crazy" Harold R. Haefus has removed all stops in developing his latest thrill: The Adroit Adventure. He told his engineers and entertainment designers to create a three phase phantasmal entertainment extravaganza that would challenge Harold's strategic and dexterital faculties to the limit. Have Crazy Harold's engineers and designers created such a thrill? You will be the judge as you guide Harold through his demanding Adroit Adventure


You control Harold's movement in eight directions with the joystick. Harold has only one chance per game, and once he meets his demise, the game ends. A brief description of each phase of the adventure will appear before Harold enters that part. Good Luck!!!